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IODA Ethernet

IODA Ethernet


IODA Ethernet is a device which offers an over-the-air update with full stack programming and support with from our Dev Portal. Its also works as IoT gateway communicating with Cloud through Ethernet for your private MESH networks. This device property is a huge amount of input and output peripheries, that allows high variability of use from Industry to Smart Appliances use.

Over-the-air Updates

Update your devices with prepared software support in our OS. It doesn't matter if your devices are on Ethernet, Wi-Fi, MESH or GSM.

Update everything from firmware to bootloader, with ease.

Support by Release Manager

Distribute with ease. Every Hardware has update layer which allows you to update via Release Manager all important stuff with maintaining possible problems.


  • STM32F437IIH6 (ARM Cortex-M4)
  • 2 MB Flash
  • 180 MHz
  • 192 kB SRAM (including 64 KB CCM)
  • Programming with SWD or from Cloud with Release Manager
  • Pre-set MAC address
  • Cryptographic acceleration:


  • Ethernet
  • Lowpan
  • GPIO Header (41 pins)
  • A/D, D/A 
  • SPI
  • CAN
  • UART
  • I2C
  • SAI
  • USB 2.0

Other functions

  • Online programming in C/C++ from Byzance platform
  • Wireless updates of user program
  • Built-in web server
  • Connector for LowPan of WEXP module for wireless communication
  • Low power management
  • Hardware acceleration CRC, encryption
  • Hardware watchdog
  • Automatic user system backup and recovery
  • Own PCB options

Power supply

The device offers effective power switcher with a wide range of input voltage.

Power inputs:

  • MicroUSB
  • External source 6-60V AC/DC
  • POE (active/passive)
  • Battery


  • RESET button
  • USER button


  • RGB LED module

Size and weight

  • Size including connectors: 42,5 x 65,5 mm
  • Height: 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 60g

Mesh Network Support

MESH network is an amazing feature that lets you build your own communications data networks. One or more of the elements (IODA) can be connected to the Internet and tens to hundreds of others can use a fully automated network.


Self-Healing Wireless

An important part of the system is an ability to support shields for a wireless network, called LowPan with MESH routing. Every element can handle network directing, so with some routes blackout can automatically heal the wireless problem.

Using standards of IPv6, IEEE 802.15.4e, TLS/SSL, and AES256.

Industrial Licences

In order to make it available to non-corporate customers, we decided to provide IODA without margin. This discount is granted only to individuals. Not corporate customers! The customer must use this HW only for testing, geek projects, academic projects. And also publish any results under the Open Source license.

This HW has been designed with an emphasis on detail and Made in the Czech Republic. Several times during production, it has been inspected. The parts are fully certified and only high-quality parts were selected. We provide support and a 3 year of warranty. That's why it's not the cheapest piece of silicon. With this in mind we want to help community developers and DIY enthusiasts, so we offer hobbyists discount.

By violating these rights, you are at risk permanent blocking of HW for access to updates by Byzance and lawsuit.

Total Open-Source

For us, open-source means that we give you schemes, fabrication plans, suppliers listing, mounting marks and support. Modify our Hardware, print it and then sell it on our store. We are totally Open-Source.

Anti Vendor-Locking

Transparently build from ex-corporate engineers with vision and know-how. No proprietary components or integrated cases. Every component is with long production history and from renowned suppliers.

So be 100% sure, that your supplier cannot blackmail you.


  • knedla
  • Processor STM32F437II Datasheet
  • Update your hardware with:



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